Large Concrete Numbers

Quirky Bee


Hand poured large white concrete numbers

Silky smooth concrete is hand poured to make these quirky statement numbers.

Perfect for a birthday display or to mark an anniversary or other special occasion

We also sell concrete letters to pair with these numbers to spell out a phrase of your choice.

Add the amount of numbers required to your basket and pop me a note at the checkout to specify which numbers.

Most numbers stand up by themselves, however you can use a tiny bit of folded tape under the ones which have a curved base if they are a bit wobbly.

Choose from pure white


Pink, yellow and bubblegum

Approx 9cm high

It is natural for hand poured concrete items to contain slight imperfections such as air bubbles, or tiny cracks. These don't affect the quality or strength of the items, but should be celebrated as part of the quirky style.

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