Concrete Marbled Letters

Quirky Bee


Trendy marbled white concrete letters

Cute and modern concrete letters in grey and blush marble

Perfect for wedding tables, wedding cakes, birthdays, baby names and announcements. These concrete letters can easily spell out your message of choice.

Choose from blush pink marbling or grey.

Each letter is handmade so each one is different and unique with slightly different marbling.

Please note, we do not have the '&' symbol. We will however send you the word 'AND' for just the price of one letter providing you have ordered 4 or more letters. If you require the word AND, just pay for the letter A at checkout and drop us a message to confirm your letters. You can only do this if you are ordering four or more letters, for example 'Mum & Dad'

Once ordered, please drop me a message at checkout to let me know which letters you need.  If you need 10 or more, please contact me before purchase as a discount may be available.

Blush pink or grey

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