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A Royal Knees Up!

 We’re slowly but surely approaching the Jubilee weekend and the celebration planning should be well underway!  If you are still patiently awaiting your invite to the Queen’s revelry, then we have to break it to you…it’s time to make other plans! 

The Quirky Bee team are still umming and ahhhing as to which wonderful celebration they should adorn with their presence.  There are more merriments and festivities this bank holiday weekend than you could shake a  jubilee stick at, so we’ve let you in on a few of our favourites!

If you fancy more of a relaxed celebration to soak up the atmosphere then this one might be for you!


The historic market town of Warwick will be embellished with red, white and blue flower beds alongside the rows of pretty bunting.  On Sunday 3rd June, a Jubilee parade will take place, followed by afternoon lunch in the square.  Extra picnic tables will also be provided, but of course there is always the castle you could take a wander around if you get itchy feet! 

A more lively event for the lovers of vintage will most definitely opt for this little gem! 


‘Victorious Vintage’  will take place over the Jubilee weekend in the harbour town of Portsmouth.  There will be an array of beautiful vintage stalls selling everything from frocks to collectables, you can get vintage make-overs, listen to music, go dancing and even dig out some quirky little treasures! The Historic Portsmouth harbour will be transformed into the destination for a vintage fabulous Jubilee weekend! 


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Is it wrong to cut up old books?


Ageing paper and maps have such a beautiful look and feel, it is just sooo tempting to repurpose them into something to display for everyone to see. 

When creating vintage paper bunting I have no qualms about chopping up a ragged old copy of the Road Atlas of Great Britain.  But when I next move onto a 'real' book, I hesitate.  No matter how dog-eared and damaged, I still feel a pang of guilt.  It's battered, damaged and dusty, and will just lie unwanted and unread somewhere.  But as I begin to cut, something still shouts 'What the Hell are you doing?!'

But then I think about how it will just be thrown in a box somewhere, or worse still, destroyed.  Common sense usually wins, and after furtively looking over my shoulder

...  I'll create it into something lovely.

What do you think?  Should we or shouldn't we ?

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