Folksy Finds: Best Birdies

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Quirky Bee has always had a bit of a soft spot for our feathered friends. You may have noticed that a few of them have sneaked their way into our products. If we spot a bird in a fabric print, we're aways interested!

One our favourites is Prestigous Fabric's 'Berkeley Square' cotton duck:
Berkeley Square fabric Prestigious

It's a good quality, heavy cotton that has been featured in Quirky Bee's Kindle and iPad case designs, as well as cushions and a tote-bag.

Berkeley Square Bird iPad Tablet Case  Berkeley Square Bird Kindle EReader Case  Berkeley Square Bird Tote Bag
Kindle/E Reader Case: £12.99 iPad/Tablet Case: £15.99 Tote Bag: £9.99

We also love Anorak's Bird and Seagull oilcloths.

Anorak Birds fabric oilcloth PVC  Anorak Seagulls fabric oilcloth PVC 

And - new fabric just in :

Bird fabric

Soon to be made in to items in our gadget case ranges!

Of course, we just had to sneak a bird design into our range of Thank You cards:

Thank you card Teacher: Bird Quirky Bee  Stitiched Fabric Greetings Card: £3.49

So while on this theme, we've a few Folksy bird-related finds on a Saturday - who says it has to be Folksy Friday?!
Put your feet up and check out our favourite birdie items:

Noodle Bubble's handmade soaps

Lotus Blossom's Bird Card

Buttercup Design's Bird Brooch 

Peony and Thistle's beautiful Vintage Bird Bunting

Alexandra McQuade's Bird Brooch

Some beautiful creations, I hope you'll agree.  Now time for a tea-break...

Keeping in the bird theme - do get in touch with Quirky Bee via Twitter!  

We'd love to hear from you! 
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